Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just About Ready

We have an unfinished basement downstairs with lighting and studs and some paneled walls. Dear daughter and I have been working in one of the rooms to convert it into her sewing room. It doesn't have a ceiling, but it does have a large fluorescent light fixture and a good outlet for her machine. We have cleared it out and are arranging it for her sewing area. She has her table  and machine down there. I think we will probably put our yarn storage down there. I have a big bookshelf with my Nancy Drew and Star Trek collection as well as lots of other bound treasures. Virginia has some beautiful Sound of Music plates that she is going to put on the wall over her table. I will get some pictures loaded when we get everything straightened up.


Laura Santos said...

I once lived in a house with a large finished basement. it is fun to make it into this or that. it ended up being an apartment for a sweet old woman and her three dogs.

I came by to let you know that I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog. I'm so sorry. I hit the wrong button...but I'm glad that it led me to all your lovely blogspots. I've enjoyed perusing your pages.

Diane Knecht said...

Last fall I purchased a sewing machine and lots of "stuff" to start learning how to sew. Many months later I have one hat and a couple of pillow cases to show for it. lol. I am a very visual person and need someone to show me the ropes of sewing. Reading a pattern is really difficult for me. Looking forward to the pictures you will share.