Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yarn and Thoughts about Homeschooling

Those of you who follow the older blog have seen this picture already. This yarn is Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Soft Secret. It comes in the most lovely colors, and serves as their version of Caron's Simply Soft.  I am finishing up a blanket for a friend at our Church, but have also started a simple granny square blanket with three lovely colors of the Soft Secret. I tried my hand at these afghans for years, but they were always a little off because I didn't know how to finish colors and rounds correctly. Dear daughter showed me, and it has changed my life!  Who is homeschooling whom?
A well-meaning friend told me the other day that Virginia needed an activity apart from me. I agree that the kids have to learn to deal with social settings outside the home, and I think they have done a good job. I also agree that they need friends and activities that allow some independence. We have never wanted to smother our children or so shelter them that they can't function, but at the same time, we want their values to come from the Bible, the Church and home--not the tv, internet, school groups or peers. 
We have always, even before homeschooling, tried to spend as much time with them as we can, especially when they ask for it.
At 16, 19 and 20, they still ask us for it, and I am so grateful. 
I tell them all the time that when they have their own children to remember this advice:
"the more time you spend with your children, the more you will want to be with them, and the reverse is true as well:  when you don't know them and allow someone else to raise them, you won't know how to be with them."

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