Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Out of THIS World

I think we are approaching the last "two cents to rub together" stage of our budget this month,  but I asked hubby if he, Virginia and I could go today to the Country Bake Shop for lunch.  He didn't hesitate, so we planned it for our lunch hour. The boys were up at the cafeteria consuming their usual hot dog and chicken feasts. 

Right before we arrived, the van told us that it was ready for a fill-up. Michael stopped to get gas. We watched one poor old soul come in to get her handful of lottery tickets. Michael said that when he went in to pay, he was the only one buying gas--everyone else was getting lottery tickets. There were even two fussing over who was next to get their tickets. We have all become dependent as citizens of this state on the revenue generated by this form of robbery and vice. It is ill-gotten gain-j
ust one more reminder of how the "prince of the air" has taken over so much of the world.  

When we arrived in the parking lot of the Bake Shop, I was reminded that goodness and Biblical standards are still here. Those who read the blog and live in this community know that the proprietors are Christians (I think German Baptists) who live and work in the Mennonite tradition. When we went in, I felt that we had stepped out of the world. 
I don't think I have ever enjoyed a sandwich more. 

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