Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Looking Forward . . . .

For many reasons, we are looking forward to the end of this week. Dear Daughter can hopefully get back to life--reading, studying and SEWING!  The play has consumed all of her energy and emotion.  She seems to be the most content when she has a project on which to work. She has some fabric squares she hasn't "broken out" yet. 
I am hoping that Saturday will represent a time when we can all exhale--it might be a good night to have our family's favorite dish, Petros (chilli, Fritos, sour cream and cheese) and maybe a "Darn Good Chocolate Cake." 
The boys have had a great week, but it is also a pretty stressful time of the semester. Last night, they had a marvelous respite in the form of a birthday dinner at a local restaurant for one of their friends.
Earl Warren, who by some accounts,was one of the most influential Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, often looked back fondly on his college experiences at the University of California at Berkeley. What he treasured most were the friendships and comraderie he established there.  I hope that wherever the Lord leads the boys in life, they will look back fondly on some of the friendships and happy times they have had at Truett. 

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