Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lilac Loveliness

No, I haven't made this, but I think I can. I found this on one of my granny square searches. These are simple granny squares with a lovely series of borders. I like how the color placement gives an impression of a flower with leaves. The lilac color has long been one of my very favorites. 
I have several projects that need to be wrapped up. I keep meaning to take and post some WIP pictures.

Here's another style I would like to try--using three colors, you create a marvelous gingham effect. I have seen this done with reds and yellows. 

And here is the picture I keep posting of the half-granny square afghan. Dear daughter knows how to make these hald granny squares, and she has helped me try my hand at a few of them. These are definitely late-80's early-90's colors. 
I am eagerly anticipating the end of the semester so that I can get some SERIOUS crocheting done!
G'nite . . . .

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