Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Showers . . . .

We are having some rainy, drizzling days. The beauty of Spring is right around the corner. We just had a week off for Holy week., but we were quite busy all week long. Ima Virginia is under the weather in a major way with a pretty nasty virus. I am hoping that after she is feeling better and her play is concluded, she can get down to a better school work routine. She has sat in on two college courses this semester--one with her dad (American History) and one with the world's best English teacher, Dr. Walton Young. For his class, she has read some serious literary works that have blessed her life--she loved To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby. With Gatsby, she had quite a look at the emptiness of material wealth. 
Today would be a wonderful day to just stay in, but she will have her last day of the homeschool co-op. She is really not up for it, but she wants to go, and has been cleared by the doctor as not being contagious. 

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