Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Best Gift

I think we have finally settled into a routine with our family schedule--it has taken some effort! Haha. In so many ways, it is up to Mom to establish the mood and routine of the home. The Lord has given me a poem that I will copy later on to the blog--this lovely poem, "Work" by Henry van Dyke, was in Dear Daughter's Literature book.  I feel that the Lord gave it to me to help me get a grip on our hectic life.  He continually calls me to time with him early in the morning--if I put that off until evening, it doesn't get done. He has helped me so much in re-establishing this part of the day.  
Our kids, age 20-16, all have such full schedules. We are still together a lot, but not as much as we are accustomed to. That is probably a good thing for everyone, but I miss them. I have been trying to get us around the table for supper as early as possible. 
I can't tell you how grateful I am for the privilege of being "mom" and "wife" --Lord, help me to do more for my family. To You, I give all the glory!

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