Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Encouraging Trend

One of the most encouraging trends I see in television and movie choices is that of the "period drama." Lavish productions based on the literary classics bring these marvelous works to another generation. Our daughter is captivated by many of these  such as Sense and Sensibility. Downton Abbey, a modern take on Edwardian England and beyond, has quite an audience (in our household, too!).  What is the attraction for this genre of films, series and mini-series?  Of course, at the heart of it has to be the fact that many of these productions are based on great literary works. I also like to think that  there is a part of the upcoming generation that rejects the profanity and immorality that are the themes of modern literature and movies. 
Good stories and great literature will have bad characters who do bad things, but they are not celebrated for their behavior. 
We homeschooled our children for many reasons, but one of the most troubling aspects we faced while they were still in public school was the reading choices that were promoted. The young adult section at the large book stores seem to celebrate pornography and sorcery. All of the JK Rowling books are available, but how often can we find all of the Anne of Green Gables series at Barnes & Noble?  

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