Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Learning to Quilt

I am so pleased!  Virginia had decided that she wants to really learn to quilt. After deliberating about how to spend her Christmas money, she decided to spend it on quilting supplies and fabric at Wal-Mart. There, they have some bundles of fabric for quilting. The ones you see above were not packaged as "fat squares" but because they were a bit different in the size and quantity, she got a better deal on them. 
She did all the work, but I was able to sit with her at the table as she cut. We watched an episode of the classic television show, Quincy, while she was cutting. I worked on my latest granny square afghan project.  
These are without a question some of the most wonderful times of my life--I hope she will remember them in that light.

We had some help from Buttercup. She really wanted to get up on the table in the midst of the squares, but was "kinda" content to sit on the bench and watch.

Here is the picture of the squares all sewn together. Now she has to get the batting and the material and binding for the back. She is so excited. I am so proud of her. 

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