Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Little Nostalgia, A Day Out and Some Thoughts on Learning . . .

Well, we're off today in the midst of the coldest weather of the season to see a movie and visit JoAnn's for some quilting supplies. I think we will have a good time, and Dad is even excited about going! There aren't many movies fit to see, but our oldest wants to see Interstellar again, and the others want to see it as well. We will stop on the way home at JoAnn's to see everything they have on sale. 
Evaluating the break, I can say that I haven't achieved what I would have liked on any front--the house still needs major work; school work is still behind and homeschool work is not as organized as it should be. But today will be a blessing--and all that stuff will be waiting for us when we return. 
Dear daughter and I have been talking about the Charlotte Mason philosophy: each day the student should have something to do, something tho think about, something to love. DD is a tactile, hands-on learner. That's why she excels at piano and crafts.  She has turned her learning of traditional subjects into a hands-on, crafty endeavor through hi-lighting and organization of notes.  I give her full credit for awakening to this approach, but I have encouraged it for MANY years! haha! Like most of us, she has to discover things on her own. She has been really excited about getting back into her subjects with this approach, and I am pleased as punch!
Parents and children are well-served by being able to identify the learning styles of our little sweethearts as early as possible!

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