Friday, November 28, 2014

Getting Started on This Lovely Project

Well, I am getting started on this lovely granny-half-square project. As the patterns is not new, the colors used by the designer are no longer made by Red Heart. I found some comparable colors by the Hobby Lobby, "I Love the Yarn" brand. I got started under the most wonderful of circumstances as well. Dear Daughter had shown me a few weeks back how to get this started, but of course, working on other projects necessitated my setting it aside. On our way back from our visit with Hubby's family, we stopped at Hobby Lobby (of course). I saw colors I loved that closely matched the pattern's original make-up. We finished our shopping and stopped to eat at Fazoli's. As we waited for our food, DD helped me to get started. I have made 3 of the half-squares (only about 195 left to go!)
I am pleased with this project and so pleased to have a daughter willing to help her mom with it!

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