Monday, November 24, 2014

Building Your House

This illustration captures an idea for me about reading.  What our children read establishes a foundation for their imaginations, their beliefs and their values.  Growing up, Moma and Daddy placed no restrictions on what I read, but did try to discourage me from time to time on some of the scary things I chose.  I wish I had listened. Today, our children are bombarded with terrifying images, pornography and "paranormal" stories--all unwholesome and antithetical to what the Bible teaches. 
As parents we must take charge of what they read as soon as they begin reading. I don't think we have to necessarily reject what is on the best seller list, but we had better check it out and hold it to Biblical standards. There are no harmless sorcerers, vampires or zombies.
Our libraries should include the time-tested classics for all ages:  Laura Ingalls Wilder, LM Montgomery, Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and of course, Carolyn Keene!

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